10. November 2022| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Gagat

Gagat set out into the world

Over the past few weeks, Gagat has been wandering in the forests adjacent to the Świętokrzyska Forest, where he was born 2 years earlier.

The young wolf frequented the Kolomańskie Hills, the Niekłańskie Forest and a complex on the northern outskirts of Kielce. Three days ago, he made the decision (like Geralt) to finally leave his hometown. However, he chose the opposite direction to Geralt, who wandered to Ukraine, and decided to look for a partner and a place to set up home in the west.

The route of his several-day trek turned out to be quite similar to that of the wolf Scyzor, who unfortunately lost track of when he reached the Częstochowa area in November 2021 (more: “Scyzor is lost“).

Gagat had already crossed the Central Railway Line – the railroad line on which Pendolino trains run from Warsaw to Krakow and Silesia. He has crossed the Pilica River without any problem and is now heading towards Częstochowa. We will keep you posted on the further course of his journey.

Author: Roman Gula