Gagat - the fifth element

On Sunday, April 10, we were able to capture our fifth wolf in the Swietokrzyskie Forest.

As in November, a young two-year-old male was caught in a trap. From a distance we had the impression that, like the young wolves of the Ilzecka Forest, he too was infected with scabies. However it turned out that the wolf was in an advanced stage of moulting – he had lost almost all of his winter coat and therefore at first we thought that something was wrong with his fur.

Upon closer inspection after being put down, the wolf appeared to be in great condition and weighed 35kg. After putting on a telemetric collar, funded by a few Swietokrzyskie Forest districts, he quickly woke up and went to rest after this stressful event.

We named him Gagat – such name, connected with the region (Gagaty Soltykowskie reserve) was chosen by the employees of State Forests. During 10 days since the catching Gagat has already traveled across the whole Swietokrzyskie Forest.

Author: Roman Gula, Artur Milanowski, Joanna Toczydłowska, Piotr Portnicki and Michał Piotrowski