22. November 2022| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Geralt

Geralt in America

For the last 2 weeks, when we wrote nothing about him, the wolf Geralt was definitely not idle. He continued to follow his instincts, explored new neighborhoods, and eventually made his way to…. America!

After returning to Poland from a trip to Ukraine, Geralt returned to the trail he had previously followed eastward. He then headed north, towards Hrubieszów, to stop in one of the small forest complexes near the village of America. After this brief stop, he again crossed, or actually swam across, the border with Ukraine – in this region the Polish-Ukrainian border is marked by the Bug River, visible in the photo.

This time Geralt stayed in Ukraine for only a dozen hours, not going beyond the valley of the heavily meandering Bug River in this section. He returned to the Polish side to a previously visited forest complex near America and stayed there. The locations suggest that he managed to hunt something there.

Will he cross the border again after a short rest? Or will he stay there for a longer time and finally find a life companion?


Author: Roman Gula