21. October 2022| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Geralt

Geralt has reached Janowskie Forest

Geralt the wanderer, a wolf in the process of dispersal whose steps we track thanks to a GPS collar, has already reached the Janowskie Forest in eastern Poland.

Located on the border of the Lubelskie and Podkarpackie Voivodeships, the Janowskie Forests are part of the Solska Forest and are a kingdom of resinous pine forests. They form one of the most extensive forest complexes in Poland, being home to numerous animal species. They are also an important bird sanctuary, including the grouse, which is threatened with extinction in our country.

In 2021, bison were reintroduced here, and in September of this year the first wild-born bison was born. Wolves also live here. It is estimated that 3-4 wolf families live in the Janowskie Forest, so Geralt may have difficulty settling in their territory.

It is worth mentioning that due to its natural and historical values, the establishment of the Janowski National Park in the area has been planned for many years.


Author: Joanna
Photo author: Jerzy Artur Lobo