17. October 2022| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Geralt

Geralt the wolf headed east!

In search of a place to set up home, Geralt set off toward Poland’s eastern border.

After several months of wandering around his home territory in the Świętokrzyska Forest, Geralt decided to head out into the world in early October. However, unlike Scyzor (another wolf in his family), who chose a southwestern direction, Geralt headed east.

First, he crossed the S7 road to the Klonowskie Range, where he had spent a lot of time in recent months. He didn’t stop there, however, but headed straight for the “old” part of the Świętokrzyskie National Park, the Łysogóry Mountains. After a brief visit to Góra Miejska and the Święty Krzyż Monastery (he was, among other things, close to a site recently excluded from the Park’s boundaries, over which there is a heated dispute), Geralt ran on through the agricultural landscape of the northern slopes of the Jeleniowskie Range. He bypassed Opatów from the south and found himself northeast of Sandomierz five days after starting his trek.

What will he do next? The area around Sandomierz is agricultural land and it is rather difficult to expect Geralt to settle there, and if he wants to continue eastward, he will have to cross the Vistula River.

*Geralt is an approximately 4-year-old wolf with a GPS collar that is in the process of dispersal (migration), i.e. searching for his place to live.

Author: Roman Gula