31. October 2022| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Geralt

Geralt's journey - heading for Lviv

Wearing a GPS collar, Geralt the wolf continues to roam through western Ukraine.

Geralt has recently bounced noticeably towards Lviv in his eastward journey. In the vicinity of this large Ukrainian city he can find mostly farmland, but also quite a few larger and smaller forest complexes.

Interestingly, for some reason the wolf took a liking to meadows and naturalized areas rather than older forests. He quickly passed through a large complex near the village of Żółkiew and stopped for a few days in a former farmland in the vicinity of a small river. Maps indicate that there are not many buildings or heavy human activity in the area, so Geralt can rest easy before continuing his trek.

We guess that the location also suits him in terms of a food base, perhaps in the form of beavers living in the surrounding rivers and ponds.

*Geralt is a wolf in the process of dispersal (migration) and is searching for his own place to settle down and start a family.

Author: Joanna