16. June 2022| SAVE, Poland

We help animals from Ukraine!

Another shipment of donations for Ukrainian centers caring for animals in need will be launched soon.

In March, we helped organize the delivery of food and other necessary supplies to pet and exotic animal centers in the Kiev area. The transport was led by a friend of our foundation, excellent photographer Michal Siarek (www.instagram.com/michal.siarek), and he was accompanied by Nikolai, who also lent his car for the purposes of the campaign (we encourage you to visit Nikolai’s profile – Koko Bkb, where he posts materials revealing the secret lives of wolves and other forest creatures).

By the way, we would like to say a big thank you to Megan’s company, which donated food for exotic birds, and the Borishev Safari Zoo for donating medical supplies!

In May, another shipment took place, this time of several tons of dog and cat food, which we organized in cooperation with a Ukrainian village called Bojarka. The food was delivered near Kiev and is currently being distributed to local shelters and other places helping animals. We would like to thank the organizations SOS-Pfotenparadies E.V. and the Kejtersi Foundation, who donated the gifts, and of course the producers of the donated food. Many thanks also to Adam and again to Nikolai, without whose help in transporting and loading the donations we would not have been able to deliver some of them.

Thank you!!!

Author: Joanna