Meeting with children in Marcinkow

As part of our foundation we try to promote pro-ecological attitudes and teach respect for all living beings as well as the natural environment. Therefore, we accepted with pleasure an invitation from the Village Cultural Center in Marcinkowo to lead a meeting on nature for children and their parents.

The meeting was organized by Ms Marta Blicharz Salamon from Kukułeczka Foundation and took place on 12 April.

The meeting was attended by children and their parents. The main topic was of course wolves. We also talked about the contribution of the local community to nature conservation, placing particular emphasis on the harmfulness of burning grass in the spring.

“Should you be afraid of the wolf?” and “Is the wolf really that scary?” – were two topics that definitely dominated the meeting. We tried to convey our knowledge about wolves in an accessible way, expose stereotypes and myths about their behavior and contacts with humans. We acquainted children with the actions we take to protect wolves in the Świętokrzyskie province. We also presented short films from our work in the field.

At the end of the meeting we organized a small contest about wolves. As a reward, for correct answers and activity during the meeting, we gave children T-shirts with the logo of our project. We hope that our meeting will contribute to a better perception of wolves not only among children but also their parents.

Author: Jacek Major





Author: Jacek Major