25. February 2023| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Gagat

Polish-Czech wolf. Collaboration with Hnutí DUHA Šelmy

Cooperation with a Czech organization dealing with the protection of large predators.

At the end of 2022, our wolf Gagat from Świętokrzyskie moved to the Czech Republic. He set off on a long journey in search of a partner and a place where he could set up a home.

Almost from the beginning of his stay with our western neighbors, we have been cooperating with the Czech organization Hnutí DUHA Šelmy, which focuses on the protection of large predators. Since 1995, when wolves began to return to the Czech Carpathians, Hnuti DUHA has been monitoring these animals and leading a project to counteract poaching through the so-called “Wolf patrols”. Every year, new groups of volunteers are trained to patrol forests, collect information about the presence of predators, install photo-traps or collect samples for laboratory tests. Patrols discourage poachers and at the same time enable the collection of a large amount of data on the population of wolves, lynxes, bears and wildcats living there.

Since Gagat joined the group of Czech wolves, his steps are also monitored by Hnuti DUHA volunteers. They check the locations sent by Gagat’s collar and note the findings discovered in them, in the form of, for example, prey. And when a fairly thick layer of snow falls, they follow Gagat’s trail to find out what the wolf has been up to and whether he has already found a bride. Thanks to our Czech friends, we have learned many details from Gagat’s life and we know how he is doing far from home. Thank you!

Photo: Petr Mückstein

Author: Joanna Toczydlowska