"Why should we protect the nature?" - art competition in the GOTEC company

“Without nature, we won’t be here” ~ Rozalia, 8 years old.
“Let’s protect nature because otherwise, animals will become extinct, the oxygen produced by trees will run out, there won’t be drinking water” ~ Wiktoria, 13 years old.

These are two answers to the question “Why protect nature,” which we asked the children and grandchildren of GOTEC employees. As part of our cooperation with this company, we also encouraged the children and grandchildren of the employees to draw animals. We wanted to engage children in thinking about ecology and thereby hear their perspective on nature conservation. Our competition attracted 87 kids who submitted their beautiful pieces of art displaying animals from all over the world.

In the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund, we follow the Education4Conservation (E4C) strategy – we develop the environmental awareness for the long-term benefit of nature. We believe that learning about biodiversity, threats and ecological issues will make future generations take better care of nature. Our projects build bridges for future generations – to make wildlife a natural part of life again.

As part of E4C, our wolf conservation team organizes educational activities in schools, and at GOTEC, the company we work with, we run environmental campaigns.

In the media gallery, you can see some of the drawings created by the children and grandchildren of GOTEC employees.

Magda Strzała