Wolf damage in Podkarpacie in 2022

Summary of damage caused by wolves in 2022 in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

In 2022, there were 154 wolf attacks on livestock and pets for which compensation is paid. As there were 149 attacks in the previous year, 2021, and 143 in 2020, it can be said that the number of wolf damages in Podkarpacie remains constant. Let us recall that in earlier years there were more claims: 185 in 2019 and 177 in 2017.

Among the species of domestic and livestock animals most often attacked by wolves in 2022 were sheep (78), followed by cattle (45), horses (5), purebred dogs (16), goats (5) and fallow deer and farm deer (5). In addition, during the attacks of wolves on animals, property in the form of an electric fence and a dog kennel was damaged.

In 2022, there were also 207 notifications regarding the so-called conflict situations, such as killed non-pedigree dogs in buildings (55 reports), wolves staying between buildings or in close proximity to people, or wolves eating red deer or roe deer in built-up areas. From the information that reaches us indirectly, it can be concluded that the number of non-pedigree dogs killed by wolves is higher, but the owners do not report them, because they are not entitled to compensation.

Author: Hubert Fedyń, RDOŚ in Rzeszów