Wolf Geralt in the national park?

Geralt, a young wolf caught by us in the Świętokrzyska Forest in November 2021, is looking for a place for himself.

On July 1, we wrote about Geralt’s wandering in forest complexes adjacent to his native forest. In recent weeks, however, Geralt had spent most of his time on the Klonowskie Range, east of the S7 road. Part of this forest complex belongs to the Zagnańsk Forest District, but its eastern part has been part of the Świętokrzyski National Park since 1996.

So far, Geralt prefers the western part of the Klonowski Range, but he has also traveled to the Park many times. Will he decide to settle in his area?

From the information provided to us by the staff of the ŚPN, we know that wolves have recently been registered quite often using photo-traps in the Park. So far, however, there has been no information about the breeding of wolves in the Park and on the Klonowskie Range. Geralt therefore has a chance to be a pioneer if he only finds a suitable partner.

Author: Roman Gula