22. December 2021In General, Wolf monitoring, Movies, Poland

Wolves and their prey on trail crossings, part II

As we wrote in the note “Wolves and their prey on trail crossings” of 14 September 2019, ungulates can be recorded in the same places where wolves appear.

This time we present footage recorded on a photo trap placed in one location between 14 July and 23 October. The photo trap was placed at the intersection of several paths used by different animal species, near the place where wolves breed. Interestingly, these were also juveniles – calves, piglets. Wolves and elk were recorded more often at night, wild boars were recorded mostly during the day, deer only during the day, while roe deer were recorded both at night and during the day. We recorded wolves 43 times in this location – these were 1-6 individuals. Moose were recorded 19 times – 4 individuals wandering together. Wild boars were recorded equally often – 18 times, from 1 to 10 individuals together. Red deer and roe deer were recorded much less frequently: 5 times for red deer (1-2 individuals) and 4 times for roe deer – always single individuals.

Author: Tomasz Bracik