A lesson on wolves at the Rej School in Kielce

On November 22, Roman Gula, head of our wolf project, conducted two lessons on wolves and ecology at the Mikołaj Rej Community School Complex in Kielce.

The first lesson began just before 9:00 am. The kids listened with curiosity as Dr. Roman Gula talked about one of Poland’s largest predators. Interesting photos and recordings of “our” wolves made the wolf lesson even more enjoyable.

Among the issues raised were the most important ones: Are wolves needed? What does a wolf family look like? Is there much truth in the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood? Children were able to learn that wolves should not be feared, or what to do if one of these beautiful creatures crosses their path.

As part of our Foundation’s educational activities, we are happy to organize meetings about wolves, ecology and the protection of Polish nature. If you are interested in a lesson, please feel free to contact us!

Author: Joanna

Photos: teachers from the school